Cattle Tag Cement Case Study

The Ruscoe Company is one of two businesses in the United States to have submitted and received approval for a specialty adhesive that bonds tags to cattle and hogs in the USDA’s program to prevent disease. This product is a specialty item that has been used for years by the USDA in their program to ensure that our meat supply is untainted. The product is made to attach a tag to livestock which then can be traced back to a particular rancher or herd resulting in a quarantine of the herd if necessary. The product has to have special qualities that include sticking to the animals even when they are dirty or wet and has to maintain a 98%+ retention rate in order for the program to work correctly.

Ruscoe Company has employed its chemists to develop this product that not only attaches the tag to the animals but also does not harm the hide so that it can be used in normal processing. This is a widespread program that the USDA has implemented for all cattle and swine in the United States. The Ruscoe Company has enjoyed this approval for many years and continues to be involved with the USDA efforts to control disease in this vital food source.

Since developing this product for USDA use, it has also been utilized by the private sector to hold on animal eye patches, stick on labels to identity horses and riders in team penning competitions, attach heat detector patches to aid animal husbandry and a number of other unique animal identification uses.