Brake Bonding Case Study

For many years, The Ruscoe Company has manufactured adhesives and primers for the Friction Brake Bonding industry. Our Lead developmental chemist is very well versed in the nature of these products, their chemistry, and the needs of our customers in this market.

In one instance, we were able to adjust solids, viscosity and solvents to enable our customer to coat both sides of their part simultaneously. Using this new technology resulted in our customer cutting their production time in half, giving them a lower cost per part. This competitive advantage was accomplished without any substantial increase in cost of the adhesive. This is one example of many where our Ruscoe chemists have worked with customers to find a better and more productive solution to an existing process.

The Ruscoe Company now offers nearly 20 specific products in this realm.  Our ability to adjust our existing products to better meet our customer’s unique needs separates The Ruscoe Company from other multi-national adhesive manufacturers in this market.

Ruscoe’s on staff chemists are adept at creating the exact formulation needed for unique challenges, applications and solutions for our customers.

brake bonding case study
case study for brake bonding