PRIVATE LABEL – During our 70 years in business, we have had a fair number of commercial customers who have tested and recommended our products as the only ones to be used in conjunction with the installation or use of their products.

Frequently, they would include our sealants or adhesives as an integral component of their end product.

In those situations, and others, we have agreed to package our materials as a private label in containers identified as having come from the other company. We use our formulations, we handle the packaging, we ship to their location and they complete the final package assembly.

In other instances, we simply handle the packaging for another company. We may mix to their specifications and package or we might simply take their already formulated materials and package the end product.

We meet or exceed all OSHA and EPA standards for our type of business and have been very successful for over 70 years.

If private label manufacturing or some other form of assistance in packaging would help your company, we’re always willing to entertain an opportunity to expand our business.

Contact us at 330-253-8148.

private label
Special packaging needs? Ask about our private label capabilities for your products.