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Tech Data Archive Download and view our product information sheets and technical data specifications offline. To view them, you may need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat installed on your Mac or PC. TECH DATA SHEET (#1 ) PLIOBOND™ 20 General Purpose Adhesive ~ PDF (467KB) TECH DATA SHEET (#2) PLIOBOND™ 30 General Purpose [...]


Adhesives PLIOBOND® ADHESIVES Pliobond Adhesives are available in a wide variety of packaging options. Please contact us for additional information and usage recommendations. PLIOBOND 20 General Purpose Adhesive – Nitrile Rubber Color: Tan Uses: PLIOBOND 20 Adhesive can be uses as a sealer, primer, water repellent, or coating for metal, wood, plastic, plastic film, ceramic, [...]


Sealants Nitrile Rubber Sealants Designed for the toughest sealing jobs RUSCOE 12-1 (G12-1) Seam Sealer – Nitrile Rubber Color: Aluminum Uses: Recommended for sealing openings less than 1/8” in gutters, downspouts, roof and chimney flashings, animal feeders and troughs, wood, concrete, ceramic, brick, metal, stone, masonry, marble and glass. Recommended for sealing horizontal seams only. [...]